Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

Project Updates

  • Consultation Update

    Face-to-face Community Consultation Sessions from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th April 2021
    Last week the Reflections Team held 12, two-hour community consultation sessions and met with more than 100 people from Tuesday through to Friday. The consultation team heard strong themes echoing sentiments expressed during the Zoom sessions held in March this year. The conversations that we held were constructive and informative with everyone coming forward to share their unique perspectives on the Reserve in a very respectful manner.

    The community’s protest rally held on Saturday 1 May also reinforced feedback that we have been hearing during our Zoom and face-to-face consultation sessions. We respectfully stepped back on Saturday to give the community space to hold the protest yet understand that some people may have been disappointed that they did not get to meet the team. Watching the live stream on Facebook, it is evident that Killalea is a much-loved community space.

    Next Steps

    • Our next steps are to consolidate the large volume of feedback gathered via:
      • Face-to-face sessions
      • Zoom consultation meetings
      • Email
      • Killalea Engagement Hub
      • Reflections web site
      • Online social media platforms
    • Reflections will share the themes of this comprehensive community feedback once it is collated and consider how this feedback can inform the project scope.
    • As promised, Reflections is also in the process of consulting with Crown Lands and the Grant provider to share the community feedback. We are a small team, but we are dedicated to taking on board what we have heard and demonstrating our respect for Killalea and its passionate community through actions.
    • Community consultation is a fundamental part of this project and Reflections will be scheduling more opportunities to meet with the team in the coming months. In the meantime, the team will be working on the identified operational issues at the Reserve and will keep you informed of our progress.
    • Uploading to the Engagement Hub and sharing an operating financial snapshot of the Reserve for the community's information
    • Uploading to the Engagement Hub and sharing a clarification of the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Land Manager (trading as Reflections Holiday Parks) Governance Structure

    Engagement Hub Issues
    We understand that many people have experienced issues with the Engagement Hub which has resulted in difficulties during the registration process for our recent face-to-face sessions. We are working to resolve these issues with the provider to ensure the best outcomes possible for the community when we schedule our next meetings.

    Continue to Have Your Say!
    In the meantime, community members can continue to provide feedback through our engagement hub or ask questions of the project team via email at