Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

Project Updates

  • Volunteer Activities at Killalea Reserve

    Reflections would like to acknowledge the dedication and pride in the Reserve demonstrated by Friends of Killalea’ volunteers and are committed to partnering with volunteer groups who do such valuable work in the community.

    We would like to clarify that the majority of the Eucalyptus Robusta planted by the Friends of Killalea volunteer Landcare Group on 11 July 2020 at the Reserve were not thriving and were unfortunately absent of any signs of growth.

    The establishment of any new plant requires several things to be successful including, soil preparation and post planting care. There are lessons to be learnt as to how we work with our volunteers to make sure tree planting activities are more successful in future and can be better managed by park staff. As Killalea Reserve consists of many Endangered Ecological Communities and microclimates, vegetation choice, surrounding landscape and environment and future care and maintenance need to be carefully considered before large-scale planting is undertaken.

    Unfortunately, Reflections were not consulted prior to the planting of the saplings, with many of the plants still not thriving or had died in the 12 months after being put in the ground. Saplings showing signs of growth remain where they were planted. A sapling maintenance plan has been discussed with Friends of Killalea to ensure the best chance of survival for these remaining saplings. Like the Friends of Killalea, we value the re-establishment and expansion of ecological communities for the benefit of the environment, wildlife, and community. Reflections is also currently working with Friends of Killalea to replant within the Reserve to connect essential corridors of rainforest.

    We encourage volunteer groups who are interested in helping with vegetation management at the Reserve to work with us to discuss which areas of the Reserve are best suited for replanting, and the ongoing maintenance required to ensure saplings survive to maturity.

    Volunteers who would like to contribute to the environment at Killalea Reserve, including weed management and lawn mowing, are asked to contact the Park Manager via email at

    Reflections is committed to respecting the local environment at Killalea and is working on Reserve maintenance as a priority. We are excited at the possibility of working with people as passionate about the Reserve as we are.

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