Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

Project Updates

  • Media Release - Reflections Applauds Recognition of Killalea as a Nature Reserve under NPWS Banner

    As the Land Manager for Killalea Reserve since 2015, Reflections Holiday Parks applauds the NSW Government’s recognition of Killalea as a Nature Reserve under the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

    Reflections Holiday Parks CEO Nick Baker said the environmentally sensitive landscape of Killalea made it a perfect fit with the National Parks and Wildlife Service’s dedicated role in the conservation of biodiversity.

    “Killalea Reserve is a vast 260 hectares with less than 2 percent reserved for caravan and camping,” Mr Baker said. “This decision recognises that the unique characteristics of Killalea align more with the strategic objectives of NPWS, including areas such as the wetlands and the ecologically endangered communities.

    “Reflections is committed to working in partnership with NPWS over the next twelve months as the transition of Killalea takes place. “We understand the absolute value this pristine reserve has for surrounding communities including our staff on the ground, and we are looking forward to the continuation of the care and maintenance of Killalea for the people of NSW and visitors to the area for generations to come.

    “Reflections will continue to invest in maintenance of the camping ground and reserve until formal transition of Killalea to NPWS on 1 July 2022.”

  • Volunteer Activities at Killalea Reserve

    Reflections would like to acknowledge the dedication and pride in the Reserve demonstrated by Friends of Killalea’ volunteers and are committed to partnering with volunteer groups who do such valuable work in the community.

    We would like to clarify that the majority of the Eucalyptus Robusta planted by the Friends of Killalea volunteer Landcare Group on 11 July 2020 at the Reserve were not thriving and were unfortunately absent of any signs of growth.

    The establishment of any new plant requires several things to be successful including, soil preparation and post planting care. There are lessons to be learnt as to how we work with our volunteers to make sure tree planting activities are more successful in future and can be better managed by park staff. As Killalea Reserve consists of many Endangered Ecological Communities and microclimates, vegetation choice, surrounding landscape and environment and future care and maintenance need to be carefully considered before large-scale planting is undertaken.

    Unfortunately, Reflections were not consulted prior to the planting of the saplings, with many of the plants still not thriving or had died in the 12 months after being put in the ground. Saplings showing signs of growth remain where they were planted. A sapling maintenance plan has been discussed with Friends of Killalea to ensure the best chance of survival for these remaining saplings. Like the Friends of Killalea, we value the re-establishment and expansion of ecological communities for the benefit of the environment, wildlife, and community. Reflections is also currently working with Friends of Killalea to replant within the Reserve to connect essential corridors of rainforest.

    We encourage volunteer groups who are interested in helping with vegetation management at the Reserve to work with us to discuss which areas of the Reserve are best suited for replanting, and the ongoing maintenance required to ensure saplings survive to maturity.

    Volunteers who would like to contribute to the environment at Killalea Reserve, including weed management and lawn mowing, are asked to contact the Park Manager via email at

    Reflections is committed to respecting the local environment at Killalea and is working on Reserve maintenance as a priority. We are excited at the possibility of working with people as passionate about the Reserve as we are.

    Reflections Holiday Parks

  • Consultation Update

    Face-to-face Community Consultation Sessions from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th April 2021
    Last week the Reflections Team held 12, two-hour community consultation sessions and met with more than 100 people from Tuesday through to Friday. The consultation team heard strong themes echoing sentiments expressed during the Zoom sessions held in March this year. The conversations that we held were constructive and informative with everyone coming forward to share their unique perspectives on the Reserve in a very respectful manner.

    The community’s protest rally held on Saturday 1 May also reinforced feedback that we have been hearing during our Zoom and face-to-face consultation sessions. We respectfully stepped back on Saturday to give the community space to hold the protest yet understand that some people may have been disappointed that they did not get to meet the team. Watching the live stream on Facebook, it is evident that Killalea is a much-loved community space.

    Next Steps

    • Our next steps are to consolidate the large volume of feedback gathered via:
      • Face-to-face sessions
      • Zoom consultation meetings
      • Email
      • Killalea Engagement Hub
      • Reflections web site
      • Online social media platforms
    • Reflections will share the themes of this comprehensive community feedback once it is collated and consider how this feedback can inform the project scope.
    • As promised, Reflections is also in the process of consulting with Crown Lands and the Grant provider to share the community feedback. We are a small team, but we are dedicated to taking on board what we have heard and demonstrating our respect for Killalea and its passionate community through actions.
    • Community consultation is a fundamental part of this project and Reflections will be scheduling more opportunities to meet with the team in the coming months. In the meantime, the team will be working on the identified operational issues at the Reserve and will keep you informed of our progress.
    • Uploading to the Engagement Hub and sharing an operating financial snapshot of the Reserve for the community's information
    • Uploading to the Engagement Hub and sharing a clarification of the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Land Manager (trading as Reflections Holiday Parks) Governance Structure

    Engagement Hub Issues
    We understand that many people have experienced issues with the Engagement Hub which has resulted in difficulties during the registration process for our recent face-to-face sessions. We are working to resolve these issues with the provider to ensure the best outcomes possible for the community when we schedule our next meetings.

    Continue to Have Your Say!
    In the meantime, community members can continue to provide feedback through our engagement hub or ask questions of the project team via email at

  • MEDIA RELEASE - 3 May 2021 - Reflections Thanks the Community for Sharing their Passion on Killalea Reserve

    Following face-to-face consultation sessions with the community last week, Reflections is now commencing the review of the comprehensive feedback received and continue to work on addressing community concerns.

    Reflections Holiday Parks held 12 face-to-face consultation sessions and met with more than 100 members of the community in Shellharbour last week to gather feedback on the proposed Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project. Reflections Chair Wendy Machin and Members of the Board also visited the Reserve to support the consultation process and gain a greater appreciation of the uniqueness of the Reserve and understanding of feedback received.

    Acting CEO Cameron Tynan said conversations last week were informative and constructive, with the team building a greater understanding of concerns that the local community have regarding the project and what their aspirations are for the future of Killalea. “We thank everyone who took the time to meet with us and share their feedback and unique perspectives of Killalea last week,” Mr. Tynan said.

    “We understand that people may have been disappointed that they did not get to meet the team at the Reserve on Saturday while the community protest was taking place. We watched the live feed on Facebook, and the passion and key sentiments surrounding the project echoed what we heard in our consultation sessions during the week.”

    Next steps for Reflections includes:

    Collating feedback gathered during zoom consultation meetings and face-to-face sessions and coming back to the community with reviewed options.

    Consulting with Crown Lands and the Grant Provider to incorporate community feedback into the project scope where possible.

    Mr. Tynan said community consultation was a fundamental part of this project, with more opportunities to meet with the team to be scheduled in the coming months.

    “Our role is to make the Reserve as sustainable as possible for future generations to enjoy and our goal is to make Killalea something that we and the community are proud of,” Mr. Tynan said.

    Community members can continue to provide feedback or ask questions of the project team through the engagement hub at or via email at

  • Media Statement - Friday, 30 April 2021 Killalea Community Drop-in Information Session Tomorrow Postponed

    Acting CEO Cameron Tynan said following productive face-to-face consultation with the community this week, we have decided to respectfully postpone the drop-in information session scheduled for tomorrow, 1 May to allow the community’s protest to take place.

    Mr Tynan said Reflections has heard strong sentiments from the community regarding the project proposal for the Reserve and existing campground.

    “We thank the community for their valuable and constructive feedback they have shared with us this week and we will take this away and consider the most appropriate way forward,” Mr Tynan said.

    “The sessions so far have enabled Reflections to build a greater understanding of concerns that the local community have regarding the project and what their aspirations are for the future of Killalea.”

    Community members can continue to provide feedback or ask questions of the project team through the engagement hub at or via email at

  • Consultation Outcomes & Next Steps

    Killalea Consultation Outcomes and Next Steps

    Community engagement meetings on the Killalea Enhancement Project were held via Zoom Meetings over three days and evening sessions, from Monday 22 March through to Wednesday 24 March 2021. 14 meetings in total were held including a briefing session and consultation with Shellharbour City Council, Councillors on the Tuesday evening.

    Consultation Outcomes

    Reflections Holiday Parks (Reflections) has been undertaking engagement with the local community and key stakeholders on the proposed enhancement project at Killalea Reserve (Killalea).

    The proposal has included some elements which have attracted concern and opposition, primarily from residents and users of Killalea Reserve. In particular, the proposed multi-function community centre which may incorporate a 200-seat function centre, has received the most amount of feedback.

    Reflections applied for, and was successful in receiving, a grant from the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism Fund after consultation with key economic and tourism representatives from the region who expressed support for the grant submission.

    This included the proposal for:

    • Investigation and design of an alternative access road.
    • A multi-function cultural and community centre.
    • Recreational and fitness facilities (including walking trails and a playground).
    • Enhanced camping sites with improved services.
    • 15 Eco-cabins based on Environmentally Sustainable Design Principles.

    During the community consultation, the Reflections team advised the Community that no development approval has been obtained and that only investigation and survey work, on the alternate access road, has commenced.

    Reflections confirmed that the original grant application was used to secure the grant and that ALL IDEAS AND LOCATIONS ARE INDICATIVE ONLY, and the feedback of the community is being sought BEFORE FINAL DECISIONS ARE MADE.

    Everyone is invited to participate in a week of engagement activities from Tuesday 27th April – Saturday 1st May 2021.

    Feedback from the community to date, includes:

    • Concerns about the scale and nature of the function centre in terms of built form, activities, and location.
    • The use of Killalea as primarily a day-visit park, with primitive camping appealing to a small minority of visitors whose primary purpose is to surf. Locals use the park for fitness (informal and formal running, walking and exercise); recreation (passive and active); picnics and gatherings and environmental pursuits (bird watching, bushwalking, land care).
    • Existing pressures of traffic and vehicle impacts on the local road networks and residential precinct.
    • The rapid and relatively recent encroachment of residential development on hitherto agricultural land, and the recent large-scale Marina development resulting in the Reflections proposal being seen as, ‘the last straw’.
    • Offers of volunteering, assistance, and support from various parts of the community indicating their willingness to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the park, and to support Reflections in achieving alternate funding sources.
    • Anxiety about the long-term future of the park and whether Reflections:
      • will develop the Reserve into ‘a holiday park’.
      • intends to initiate a ‘Stage Two’ of development, the community is not being told about
      • intends that the provisions in the Plan of Management and Addendum will be exercised to develop residential, multistorey or something similar.

    What is Reflections doing?

    Reflections is:

    • Listening to the community and reporting to the Grant Provider on the key issues
    • Working on how best to engage the wider community in discussions about:
      • the long-term vision for the Reserve.
      • how to improve and preserve what is best about the Reserve.
      • how to secure sustainable revenue to ensure that maintenance and improvements, including compliance, can be sustained.

    Reflections have heard:

    • The local community want a much-loved Reserve to remain a largely natural open park with environmental, surfing, and indigenous and local heritage values. However, “ENHANCEMENTS” could be explored.
    • Killalea was always special but is particularly so now as it has become the last remnant of an agricultural and simpler past.
    • Killalea is being ‘loved to death’. Increased visitation has meant litter, increased wear and tear on simple improvements, anti-social behaviour (alcohol and driving), traffic and parking conflicts. Locals are concerned that development to increase visitation will make these situations even worse.
    • The community want to be part of the future of Killalea – its planning and its implementation. There is enormous goodwill towards maintaining and protecting the environment, animals, plants, paths, and environmental education centre. Reflections needs to harness this goodwill to help look after Killalea Reserve.
    • The community has raised alternate means of funding the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the Reserve, including investigating a paid entry model which has drawn a range of views from the Community during the consultation session.

    What is next?

    Community and Stakeholder Meetings will be held during the day and into the evening from the 27th to 30th April 2021, in or near Killalea Reserve, with a community day set for Saturday 1st May 2021.

    We are currently working on the agenda and activities which will be incorporated into our consultation sessions and community day.

    The following are our first thoughts:

    • Activities to identify the community’s long-term vision and priorities for Killalea Reserve.
    • Activities to understand the community’s priorities for Killalea Reserve.
    • Testing ideas for how revenue for Killalea Reserve could be secured.
    • Identifying the best way to engage with the local community and to test some ideas about how and when these can occur.
    • Updates on all aspects of the enhancement project

    It is intended that any activities held on Saturday 1st May 2021, will be accessible to all. There will be no need to RSVP for the Saturday ‘drop-in’ session. A Covid-Safe Plan will be in place.

    For all other sessions we invite everyone to register their attendance at the Engagement Hub –

    Reflections acknowledges there are many more discussion to be had and asks that the community work with us to understand the best way forward from here.

    Together we can ensure that Killalea Reserve remains the local natural recreational park the community has come to enjoy.

    Any questions you may have in the meantime, can be directed to

    Cameron Tynan
    Acting CEO
    Reflections Holiday Parks

  • Face-to-Face Consultation Sessions Moved to online forum this week due to inclement weather conditions.

    Reflections Holiday Parks, a passionate, not-for-profit Land Manager managing Crown Land holiday parks in NSW, planned to start engagement on proposed development at Killalea State Park today, Monday 22 March 2021.

    Extensive flooding in NSW has led to multiple road closures, flood warnings, evacuations and a NSW Government request to minimise non-urgent travel. Reflections has a very small team and currently two of our Parks have been evacuated and incurred significant damage, with others at risk. Given these extreme conditions and our concern for community safety, we find it necessary to postpone the face-to-face engagement sessions planned for this week. Instead, all participants are being offered the opportunity to participate online, via the Zoom platform.

    In keeping with our commitment to listen to and understand community concerns, we will still hold in-person engagement, rescheduled for the week commencing Tuesday, 27 April 2021. All participants will be invited to participate in these sessions as will any other interested members of the community or stakeholders.

    To make online sessions work, we require smaller numbers of participants as it takes longer during online meetings for each person to ask questions, share their thoughts and to have group conversations. We appreciate that this is going to be very frustrating for many people and it is far from ideal. Reflections are keen to meet with people and for a dialogue to develop based on trust and respect. The passion for Killalea is both real and also its greatest asset. How we work together, wherever possible, will maximise opportunities for this unique location to maintain its position as a well-visited and much-loved park for all.

    Working together to move forward

    As you are aware, Reflections were successful in receiving a Regional Growth, Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) grant for the enhancement of facilities and eco-friendly accommodation at Killalea Reserve Holiday Park. A component of this Grant is the proposed multifunction community facility with the potential for a function room.

    Until now, the focus of Reflections and the NSW Government has been to implement the proposal for which grant funding was successful.

    Reflections is willing to work with the community to explore whether this is the best and only way to proceed. No decisions have been made as yet and this is the opportunity to see if we can make something work that meets everyone’s needs and priorities.

    The purpose of the engagement sessions is to:

    • Introduce the Reflections team – to give faces to the names, and to explain that Reflections is not a corporate, profit-making organisation
    • Explain why and how the grant for development of Killalea came about, and to answer some of the questions as to why the community haven’t been consulted earlier, or asked what they thought of the proposed plans
    • Explore how Reflections can meet its obligations in maintaining a park for the enjoyment of campers, holiday makers, visitors, surfers, walkers and those with an interest in the environment, natural elements and Indigenous and non-Indigenous history and heritage which the site holds in abundance
    • Understand how Reflections can work with those that love the park, visit the park and use the park so that Killalea can remain a much loved, visited and well-looked after asset for everyone – locals, visitors and the NSW public

    We look forward to meeting with you, both online in the coming days and in person in a couple of weeks.

    Kind Regards

    Lucy Cole-Edelstein (RPS, facilitator)
    David Stanke, Project Director, Reflections
    Cameron Tynan, Executive Manager – Operations, Reflections

  • Update For Community Consultation Sessions Commencing Monday, 22 March 2021

    The Community have made it clear that they are concerned about the Multifunction Community Centre which is proposed for Killalea.

    Reflections' focus is on being a a responsible Land Manager and good neighbour.

    We have rearranged the Agenda of our upcoming Consultation Sessions to ensure that we can have an Open Discussion on the project and work towards resolving issues that have been aired across social media channels since the project was announced.

    We look forward to meeting with the community next week to clarify who we are, and what our role is. The conversations we have next week, as part of our early engagement since the project was reactivated last month, will resolve many concerns you may have.

  • Invitations extended to broader community for Consultation Sessions commencing Monday, 22 March 2021

    Initial consultation sessions are commencing from next week, with a mix of invited industry, business and community organisation representatives. Given the interest expressed by the community, we have added a number of sessions and are extending the invitation to the broader community.

    To ensure you can attend your preferred session, please register soon (details below) as each session has an attendance capacity limit to ensure we abide by our Covid Safety Plan.

    - Tuesday 23 March - 9:30am - 11:30am

    - Tuesday 23 March - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

    - Wednesday 24 March - 9:30am - 11:30am

    - Wednesday 24 March - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

    - Wednesday 24 March - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

    Registration is essential. To register, please email

    To help us manage numbers, and ensure we abide by our COVID Safety Plan, no more than two members per organisation/household will attend.
    Please see below for additional information regarding the consultation meeting.


    The above sessions will be held at the Flinders Child and Family Centre – in the Hall. Please try to arrive 10 minutes before the meeting is commenced to start, as registration will be required (via a QR code or physical sign in) to abide by the COVID Safety Plan.

    The address is: 12 Adam Murray Way, Flinders NSW 2529

    For additional information on the venue – please visit

    Meeting length

    We anticipate the meeting will take up to two hours, providing us with an opportunity to understand your connection to Killalea Reserve, and gather your feedback on the proposed location for key features of the proposal.


    The meeting will be attended by representatives from RPS and Reflections Holiday Parks.

    Meeting overview

    We are committed to better understanding your concerns and priorities and look forward to clarifying misconceptions about this project. There will be an opportunity for feedback to be provided during the meeting, with the end result being an improved park for all.

    The meeting will also help you to understand:

    - Reflections’ obligations to maintain Killalea Reserve as a Community Crown Land Manager

    - Objectives to ongoing environmental protection of Killalea Reserve

    - Environmental constraints mapping that has been undertaken, and

    - The projects key objectives.

    Although not part of this project, we will also be providing an update on the study that Reflections is funding, to create a new access road in the Reserve to divert high volumes of traffic away from the residential area.

    In addition to the initial consultation sessions, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ‘have your say’ via a park exhibition and online feedback through the Killalea Engagement Hub.

    We invite you to provide your comments on the different areas within Killalea Reserve and the associated holiday Park via our interactive map. Please click on this link which will take you to a map of the entire reserve. You will be able to click on any point on the map to have your say on key aspects of the project.

    Thank you for your interest in this project.