Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

Discussion questions

Our understanding from the surveys we have done on site, from comments and submissions raised directly with us and through a review of social media is that the beach, surf breaks, views, natural environment, undeveloped and undisturbed environmental qualities are all essential to what makes Killalea so special.

What else belongs on this list?

  • Leave as is, with existing facilities maintained. Killalea is a rare natural playground for children & an enriching, unique green space for all!
  • The fact Killalea is undeveloped and relatively unspoilt is why it is special and must be preserved as is forever. .
  • This is exactly what makes Killalea special and why so many people use the space. It does not need any development just maintenance of what is there.
  • My idea is to keep Killalea to its natural state. No conference/reception centre, no cabins, no playgrounds.
  • The fact that is the only green space with public access that is undeveloped in the area.. thenpublic did not ask for development here
  • Killalea is a special place to everyone in the community. It is a sacred place that allows us to de stress & enjoy nature at its finest.
Save The Farm
  • Open spaces left free from any development including The Multifunction Center,The Cabins and extending the size of the camp area and keep it primitive
Belinda Doyle
  • Killalea is an important community green space used by locals to enjoy a relatively untouched part of shellharbour