Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

Discussion questions

New cabins must be built so that holiday lettings can provide a return. Do you support this, and if not, what are the issues that concern you?

Do you have suggestions for how we can build the cabins such that you will support them?

  • Cabins ONLY if in existing camp area & totally self sufficient. Solar/battery power light,heat,cooling,composting toilet,water harvest,true eco
  • Cabins should not be part of the plan for a profitable entity. Basic camp sites in the existing camp area could provide adequate maintenance income.
  • No cabins, provide updates to camping site, leave the camping area where it is and let people come and camp in tents or caravans, but no cabins
  • I don't support the idea of building new cabins. Improve the current camping area facilities. Natural camping is part of Killalea's appeal.
  • Build them anywhere but here. They do not benefit the local community whatsoever
  • I dont support new cabins being built. Many tourists come to the park to camp as naturally as possible . Cabins will destroy eco systems in the area
Save The Farm
  • No Cabins at all for Killalea!
  • No I do not support cabins being built. Concern is developing the sites natural beauty. Tent only camp sites can be provided.