Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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We are Recommencing Work
Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing outbreaks and the significant impact Covid-19 has had on visitation to our parks and revenue, the Enhancement Project for Killalea Reserve and the associated Holiday Park has been on hold since March 2020.   Work is now recommencing on this project with previously postponed community engagement meetings planned to start in late March 2021.

One of our key drivers for the Killalea Park Enhancement Project is to provide a sustainable and manageable hub for activities that are already being undertaken at Killalea and creating pressure on the existing infrastructure. Killalea Reserve is a great place for people to relax, while our camping ground is loved by locals and visitors alike. That is why our grant funding and community discussions will have a large focus on ensuring current camping sites and public amenities are invested in. This includes the upgrade of power, water and sewer infrastructure.

Industry & Community Engagement
We will be working again with our Engagement Consultants, RPS Group to initiate discussions and capture feedback from a mix of industry and community organisations and representatives on the following:
  • A multifunction community facility with the potential for a function room, restaurant/cafe, outdoor deck and natural amphitheatre for events and cultural activities (Consult)
  • 15 environmentally sustainable eco-cabins (Consult)
  • Guided walking trails featuring a nature-play playground and outdoor fitness stations (Consult)
We are Listening Survey
For those of you who completed the community survey – Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on what you value most about Killalea and on improvements you would like to see made. 125 surveys were submitted and has helped in our understanding of what the community and visitors to the park value about Killalea Reserve.  Valuable information has been provided on how existing facilities are used and we have received good feedback on a range of desired Reserve and Holiday Park improvements. 
New Access Road Investigations
As congestion, road conditions and alternate access roads came up in the survey, you may see contractors at the Reserve who are undertaking initial site investigations in Febuary and March in relation to a new Access Road for this site. Reflections is funding the study of a new Access Road to divert the high volumes of traffic away from the residential area.
We are currently talking with stakeholders and investigating possible routes for the new road which will reduce congestion, significantly improve access to Killalea and increase traffic safety.  Once the location and design are finalised, we will seek the funding required to build it and make it a reality for the community.

Not For Profit Land Manager
Reflections Holiday Parks is a passionate Land Manager of Killalea Reserve. The Reserve has an incredibly pristine natural environment which has been enjoyed by the people of NSW and overseas visitors for generations.   
Whilst Reflections looks after 37 holiday parks, in its role as a Land Manager, it also manages 22 public recreation reserves on Crown land across NSW.    And being a not-for-profit organisation responsible for these important parcels of public land, all surpluses generated from the holiday parks are invested back into the parks and reserves like Killalea, so visitors and regional communities can continue to enjoy such amazing locations for generations to come.

Funding for Killalea
In October 2019, the NSW Government announced that Reflections would receive a $6,531,000 Regional Growth, Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) grant for the enhancement of facilities and eco-friendly accommodation at Killalea Reserve Holiday Park. Further direct funding of $4,430,000 from Reflections will increase the investment into Killalea Reserve to almost $11 million over the next two to three years. 

Noting feedback from the local community, this extra investment from Reflections (amongst other items) includes investigations and approvals into a new access road into Killalea to resolve congestion and safety issues.

Environmental Responsibility
Environmental protection, conservation and ecological sustainability are part of our triple bottom line that is our Charter.  In short, most of Killalea will remain completely untouched by this project as we have a responsibility to preserve  unique views, vistas, flora and fauna, biodiversity, ecosystems and significant cultural heritage. 
In fact, built structures in our project will make up less than 2% of the reserve's 265 hectares and protection of the natural environment is important.
Nature Never Felt so Good is the credo upon which our organisation runs.  With Reflections' Vision to be a leading provider of recreational destinations that excite guests, energise communities and showcase sensational NSW locations, we are committted to delivering on this vision for Killalea Reserve.
Reflections CEO Steve Edmonds says, "I would urge everybody who is interested in the future of this iconic part of the coast to get involved and contribute."