Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Guided Walking Trails and Outdoor Fitness Stations

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Something for Everyone
With its green rolling hills and beautiful ocean views, Killalea Reserve is the perfect backdrop to enjoy the outdoors and have fun getting fit at the same time. Outdoor play is something kids could teach adults about. We know people love to come to Killalea to get out and about. On an average weekend you can see gentle yoga sessions, families strolling through the reserve or joggers getting fit before they stop for a break at Killalea's cafe.
Practicing yoga or engaging in outdoor activities in beautiful locations like Killalea provides numerous mind-body health benefits. Nature is a naturally invigorating restorative and can allow for a mental and physical reboot from our demanding daily life.

Guided Walking Trails and Nature-Based Play
It is important to note that the natural environment will dominate any decision regarding the placement and design of any works in this area.  We will enhance the existing trail network at the reserve and provide a nature-based play area for the kids and kids at heart. People are benfitting from a growing movement towards outdoor fitness and health and Killalea is the perfect place to get out and about.  Our proposed outdoor fitness stations will be integrated into the natural environment and will not dominate the landscape.

The Scope of Works for the Tourism and Recreational Equipment consists of the following:
  • Nature-based playground
  • Outdoor fitness stations
  • New and enhanced guided walking trails through the park