Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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Eco Cabins and Upgraded Existing Camp Sites

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Nature Never Felt So Good

When considering new guest accommodation or enhanced camping sites at any of our parks across the Reflections Group, our focus is always on the powerful connection to the landscape, the site and the environmental and cultural sensitivities of the park. Here at Reflections, we live our ethos of, 'Nature Never Felt so Good' and we understand the importance of ensuring our park enhancements adhere to Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) principles. The purpose of ESD is to reduce the carbon footprint and use natural recycled materials whilst providing natural light and cross flow ventilation.

Eco Cabin Accommodation Proposal

We are committed to work with our key stakeholders, including the local community, to create a space where our built environments encapsulate the spirit of Killalea. A select number of environmentally-friendly cabins will be integrated into the Killalea Reserve accommodation offering, so people will have a chance to experience the magic of this much-loved reserve. Where the proposed accommodation is placed and what it looks like will be determined as an outcome of our engagement process.

We are proud of our industry-leading eco cabins.  We don't use the word 'eco friendly' lightly and our credo of 'Nature Never Felt so Good' is how we manage and run our parks and public recreation reserves on Crown land.  We are not only proud of the sustainable design (ESD) principles we use in our eco cabin designs but construct these offsite to ensure the land is not impacted by overdevelopment.

The eco cabins are designed to open up to as much light and ventillation as possible to reduce the need for artificial lightling and cooling.  Solar power has been designed to be energy neutral over each 12-month period with teslar batteries installed. Rain water is collected for irrigation.  Furniture is also made of locally-sourced recycled timbers.

We know that we are leading the way in this field in the holiday park industry and we stand by our use of ESD Principles in our accommodation offerings.  In fact, we have now won Gold and Silver NSW Tourism Medals for our parks using these designs.

ESD Principles

Enhanced Existing Camp Sites

We know many of you love camping at Killalea Reserve. We are proposing to make the experience more comfortable by providing power and water to each individual camp site as well as sewer upgrades. This upgrade is to ensure that the infrastructure can cope with the current demand and eliminate the need for onsite septic systems. Killalea is the perfect place to camp for the night and the ability to brew a hot cuppa or power a lamp will make the experience that extra bit special.