Killalea Reserve Enhancement Project

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New Access Road

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Did you know that about 16,000 vehicles enter Killalea Reserve every month?

Current challenges for vehicles accessing Killalea Reserve

We have listened to your feedback regarding traffic congestion and safety concerns.  We also know that visitors eager to seek out the nature-based experiences of Killalea Reserve are often faced with traffic related challenges including navigating a complex route through a school zone and the residential estate.

In addition, the stresses brought about by public events, weekend visitors and other busy peiods, including school drop off and pick up times, add to the traffic congestion and parking issues. The single-entry access road also presents potential safety issues during emergencies.

This is why Reflections is funding the study of an Access Road aimed at diverting high volumes of traffic away from the residential area.  We are aiming to get a viable route for the road, design it up and have an engineer cost this part of the project up.  Once approved, we will seek the funding required to build it.

Improving vehicle movements via an alternative access road

Our investigation into an alternative access road will pave the way for an easier and more direct route for visitors to Killalea, reduce congestion, improve access and enhance traffic safety.

There are many stages involved in the investigation and design of a new road and key activities would include:

  • Feasability Study / Master planning
  • Survey
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Traffic impact statement
  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Design and engineering assessments
  • Approvals